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Sisi Lola Herbs Seasoning is vegan and an epicure. We use only fresh whole ingredients without ever compromising the taste and freshly cut herbs dehydrated in our state-of-the-art dehydrator, finely cut then rocked in a herb cradle for a soft gentle mix while preserving the aroma of fresh tarragon, Basil, and chervil. 

This seasoning is hearty, vegan, natural, no salt, great on Caprese salad, decorative herbs on your baked chicken and turkey, stuffings. Toss on your salad for a different taste of the earth drizzled with Sisi lola extra virgin olive oil and our Honey Ginger balsamic glaze. 

You also, cannot have the turkey traditional without the herbs, a combination of celery, cumin, sage, paprika, cumin. 

It adds a decorative look to your cooking because all its ingredients are in whole not ground. Could be used to savor loaded mashed potatoes and even soups. Very healthy!