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This power spice is the majesty of all seasonings, carefully crafted, with very select exotic herbs like the Ciboulette – the French Chives, that will remind you of baby spring onions, Freshly dehydrated spearmint, good enough to suppress the gaming smell of lamb, without wondering what else to add. 

Use Sisi Lola Lamb Chop Seasoning without any other seasoning, do not add salt or anything else. Braise on the two sides of your chop marinate for 3 minutes. For a thin cut of lamb chop, sear on the stove for 7 minutes, 3.5 minutes on each side until golden brown and you are ready for an exotic taste of Chops like never before.

The Golden brown taste and color are the effect of the honey granulate in its ingredient so you don't wonder where the sweet taste is coming from. No sugar added, no salt. 

Bon Appetite My Love!